This is the Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Health

Coffee has become a routine activity by some circles both in the morning before the start of the activity or the evening after a long day of activity underwent a complete. The bitter taste and distinctive aroma is indeed tempting anyone to drink it, but maybe there are still many who do not know about the benefits of coffee and side effects in addition to coffee as part of your lifestyle or habits daily (read also: how to make French press coffee ). The following are some of the benefits of coffee for a variety of diseases.

The benefits of drinking coffee for health

Lower Parkinson's Disease
The benefits and side effects of the first is decreased risk of Parkinson's disease. According to one journal, published in 2000, by consuming caffeine contained in coffee, the chances of a person suffering from Parkinson's disease was also lower compared to people who do not drink coffee. Those who drank two to three cups of coffee every day making opportunities affected by Parkinson…