This is the Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Health

Coffee has become a routine activity by some circles both in the morning before the start of the activity or the evening after a long day of activity underwent a complete. The bitter taste and distinctive aroma is indeed tempting anyone to drink it, but maybe there are still many who do not know about the benefits of coffee and side effects in addition to coffee as part of your lifestyle or habits daily (read also: how to make French press coffee ). The following are some of the benefits of coffee for a variety of diseases.

The benefits of drinking coffee for health

Lower Parkinson's Disease
The benefits and side effects of the first is decreased risk of Parkinson's disease. According to one journal, published in 2000, by consuming caffeine contained in coffee, the chances of a person suffering from Parkinson's disease was also lower compared to people who do not drink coffee. Those who drank two to three cups of coffee every day making opportunities affected by Parkinson's disease become smaller 25 percent. However, do not drink coffee more than two to three cups a day because it can cause side effects. Side effects is that you can suffer from headache because of excessive caffeine content goes into the body. For example, you drank coffee until five to six cups a day.

Preventing Gallstone Disease
The benefits and side effects is capable of preventing gallstone disease. In 2002, noted there are studies suggesting that drinking four cups of coffee a day or less are able to lower the risk of gallstone disease until it reaches 25 percent. The study applies to women as well as men who are accustomed to drinking coffee every day. However, do not drink the coffee too much because it can cause side effects urination disorders. Caffeine is contained in coffee has its high diuretic compounds so that trigger the desire to pee is larger than usual. Especially when entering the rainy season with Eve cooler, certainly the desire to pee is getting bigger.

Improve Memory
Improve memory also became one of the benefits of coffee and side effects either short term memory as well as long-term memory. A study in 2005 mentions the existence of the relationship of coffee with increasing memory. Based on these studies, someone who drank at least two cups a day of coffee are able to improve short-term memory and speed of reaction. Meanwhile, someone who drank coffee at least three cups a day less shows a decline in memory and performance in tests of memory. Coffee side effects if consumed excessively is insomnia so hard to sleep at night.

Preventing Depression
The benefits and side effects next was able to prevent a depression. Based on research in 2010, someone who drank two cups of coffee a day have lower depression trend until reaching 15 percent. Meanwhile, someone who drank four cups of coffee a day had a decreased rate of depression until it reaches 20 percent. Coffee side effects caused by excessive caffeine is the uneasiness that appears to make the hand-shaking and more sensitive.

Lowering The Risk Of Diabetes
Drinking coffee is also able to lower the risk of the disease are exposed to enough weight that is type 2 diabetes. Someone who often drink coffee have the chance of type 2 diabetes is lower compared to people who are not coffee drinkers. This is due to the compounds contained in coffee blocking the trigger abnormal protein fiber that is hIAPP and the polypeptide. However, if you drink too much coffee can also cause side effects of digestive disorders. These disorders cause nausea and stomach heartburn due to acid meningginya stomach.

Coffee drinks are indeed much favored by many quarters due to feeling better due to the caffeine contained in it. Excessive drinking coffee but also less good because it can cause side effects that are quite detrimental. So it is highly recommended to drink coffee with a rate reasonable and not excessive. So an article about the benefits of coffee and side effects that could affect the health of the body. Hopefully this information can increase your insight especially for coffee lovers and for those who are not interested in coffee could be interested to try drinking coffee in a little amount.